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Order a one time blast: $15

Order a monthly blast: $12

I would like to offer my SenukeXCR services EXCLUSIVELY on this forum…


For $20 I will run ANY template in SenukeXCR, including ALL ZontSEO templates and Senuke Inferno Templates…


The cost for one blast is only $15 if done as a monthly subscrition!!!


I will drip feed these links out over whatever time period you specify, from 1-30 days…


Articles will be spun to a VERY high 90% plus uniqueness using spinrewriter….THE BEST spinner, PERIOD…


These campaigns are run from private proxies and have a very good stick rate :)


All links will be submitted to 2 indexing services as well, upon request…


PLEASE remember that you get what you pay for….Fiverr,etc nukes are run in volume and usually without proxies and frequently from banned IP’s….don’t risk it….


I am an EXPERT at SenukeXCR and have been running successful nukes since it was first released….


I will do unlimited keywords and up to 5 urls per order…


PLEASE REMEMBER that who you choose to trust with a service like this is crucial….


I am a real person who has been successfully doing SEO since 2005…I am someone that yo can trust :)


Please feel free to check me out on my website or social profiles….the info is in my signature….




I will give you a wordpress plugin that redirects any dead links to the url that you specify….


this will make sure that you don’t lose ANY link juice from your purchased domains :)


So, if you buy a domain and it has backlinks going to hundreds/thousands of different pages….you can simply redirect ALL of these to your homepage and keep you PR and Juice!!!!

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