Reputation Management

Buyers these days are becoming more web savvy. Many potential customers will “google” your business name before they buy your product or service. If your customer finds negative comments or reviews about you or your business this can lead them straight to your competitor.

Many negative reviews are the result of disgruntled former employees and even unscrupulous competitors that are trying to damage your good name and steal your customers.

Regardless of the source, negative reviews HURT… We can HELP…

There are a number of proven strategies that can effectively eliminate the impact of these negative reviews.

Be VERY careful about whom you choose to hire for this type of service; there are currently a large number of criminals who will intentionally place damaging remarks against a business and then call them to offer their “removal” services. This is extortion and is illegal in the United States; unfortunately, many of these web based “businesses” operate in countries where no such laws exist.

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