Is it safe to use Google Analytics?

A popular SEO strategy today is building your own network of blogs to use for backlinks to your money sites. A frequently asked question is whether or not it is safe to use Google tools like Analytics and Webmaster tools on these sites, here is my short answer:

There are mixed opinions about whether or not using Google Analytics/Google Webmaster tools could be harmful for your network sites…some swear that it is the kiss of death, others say that Google has bigger fish to fry…


Personally, I prefer to use clicky stats/wordpress jetpack plugin on my network sites…I don’t need DEEP analysis for them, just basic stuff…both of those are free and provide all you need to know….


Also, most hosting with include Awstats as part of the Cpanel package….this has a ton of analytics info as well….but it is ugly to go through it….but again, it works and it’s free….

Thanks for reading, feel free to contact me with any other questions!

2 responses to “Is it safe to use Google Analytics?”

  1. Jon says:

    Like you, I just want basic stats so I can get a good feel for what is happening at my site in terms of visitors, and I can get that through StatPress very nicely, probably similar to clicky stats. There may or may not be an issue with using google analytics but I figure why mess with the uncertainty?

    • Stephen B Floyd says:


      Thank You for visiting my site and for the useful comment!

      Best of luck with your sites!!!

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