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Can someone recommend a chic/cute restaurant where I can host a bridal shower in Frisco or Plano, TX?

Posted by BTown Lvr
[display_name id=”8″]D’Vine Wine is a fun choice and some locations cater to parties like this. As a group, the guests can even make their own wine to commemorate the event. There are lots of locations, but Plano is my favorite.

D’Vine Wine of Plano
8600 Preston Rd., STE 100
Plano, TX 75024
(214) 618-5442

Then there are tea rooms. My favorite is in the Crescent Court Hotel. It’s on the second floor of an antique store.

Lady Primrose’s Thatched Cottage Pantry
500 Crescent Court
Dallas, TX 75201

Places in Frisco, Tx. That welcome new artists such as coffee shops etc?Does anyone know where I could go play, I’m 16 and clearly can’t get into bars, but are there places like coffee shops here in frisco that welcome new or aspiring artists?

Posted by Blake
[display_name id=”8″]There are multiple little coffee shops in Frisco, one kids tucked away near downtown and several others, you’d have to go and talk to the owners/managers.
And I know that the School of Rock lets people do shows there, you would just need to talk to them.
Other than that, school talent shows, family owned restaurants, ask the snow cone lady, etc.
Just be kind and have a conversation with them, not just a quick ‘can I play here’ chat. You don’t know what doors can open up.
Good luck.

What are the pros and cons of living in Frisco, TX?My wife and I are doing our research on which area is better to move to in the Dallas Area. We are undecided if Plano or Frisco and maybe even McKinney. Any info would be appreciated!

Posted by lmatador10
[display_name id=”8″]All three of these towns would be a great choice. Plano is much larger than the other two. Plano population is estimated at 270,000. McKinney 121,000, and Frisco 103,000. If schools are important to you, Plano has exemplary schools, although the others do have good schools. Plano varies greatly in income and house prices with the newer, more expensive being west of 75. Plano is the only one of the three with public transportation. You may not need it but it brings a population that does. Frisco is a bustling, young suburb with most homes and income about the same. It has the most shopping, but the other two are so close that it’s not a problem. McKinney has a more relaxed, country feel, although since it’s really starting to grow, a lot of new stores and restaurants are up with more coming. Here are some stats that may help you. If you have any specific questions you can email me – my sister used to rent in Plano and then bought a house in McKinney.
Plano – median age of population – 34
median household income $90,000
median price house $220,000
median price rent $1,000

Frisco – median age 31
median income $103,300
median price house $257,000
median price rent $1,150

McKinney – median age 30
median income $85,000
median price house $193,000
median price rent $ 95

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