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Im thinking about moving to Texas either Houston, Dallas or Fort Worth, where is the best place to find info?I need to know average cost of living, small business grants info, average costs of colleges (universities and community colleges) I also need to know what fields are in high demand.

Posted by Niecy86
[display_name id=”8″]Here is a link to the Neighborhood Scout. You can find information on schools, crime rates, and real estate. I would start with the cities North of Dallas. They have the lowest crime rates and the best schools with reasonable cost of living.
Allen, Carrollton, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and Wylie are all good places to live.
Http://…This link will help you find the cost of living, school info., crime rates, and climate info..
Http://…University of Texas at Dallas is the most prominent university in the area. Collin County Community College is the most prominent community college. I’ve included a link of other institutions in the Dallas area.


You can also find information on this website.

Moving to dallas tx????All right guys, we are planning to move to dallas(north) from denver. What are some nice neighborhood/counties with good schools etc. To buy house. We are looking at Plano, Irving,Arlington, Richardson etc.Heard property taxes are high in TX, so Plano would be the first preference.Any suggestions? How much would be the ppty tax for a 400 – 500k house in that area. Also how much would it cost to have/maintain your own swimming pool?

Posted by nite a
[display_name id=”8″]The real estate agent will give you the tax information on the house.
Plano, Frisco, Allen, North Irving, Coppell, parts of Richardson are okay.
Stay on the West side of Plano.
The cost of chemicals is cheap if you do your own pool.
A service depends on the size of the pool. The cost of running a pool is not much it does not impact your electric bill that much, but if you have a heater it can cost a lot of money.
Where to relocate in Texas?I am considering moving to texas and I am in NYC. I like baseball , basketball , football and nite life. Which city in texas is good for me? I have been considering plano,fort worth, dallas? I need a place I can get a 3 bedroom, 2500sq ft house for about $300k. Help.

Posted by nuel
[display_name id=”8″]You can get a nice home in a nice area for $300,000.
Http://…Plano is good, but there are several other cities you could look at as well. I’ve listed cities with good schools, low crime and affordable real estate below. The cities with asterisks will give you more “bang for your buck”.*Frisco (North of Plano) is great for sports fans.

*Grapevine (Just North of DFW Airport)(There’s so much to do here!)

Allen (North East of Dallas)(Doesn’t fit your profile, but nice.)

Richardson (South of Plano)(DART Buses and Trains)

Plano (DART Buses and Trains)


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