Dallas SEO–The Penguin is Coming Soon

The end of April should prove to be an interesting time for those who call SEO their profession and/or those who rely on SEO for their businesses to flourish. Over the last year and a half, Google has released a series of updates/changes that have significantly altered the way online marketing should be done.

Matt Cutts, the head of the Google Spam Team recently confirmed that a MAJOR release of the Penguin update will be happening Very soon. For those who are new to game, there have been two major updates released in recent times, Panda and Penguin.

Panda was first and had much to do with onpage factors like over-optimization.  Then came Penguin, which deals mostly with link building. There are many factors that weigh into Penguin, but a few that weigh heavily are:

a. Anchor Text

b. Link Velocity

c. Link relevancy

d. Bad neighborhoods

Anchor text refers to the words that show on a website inside a link that goes to your page; for instance the text that the reader sees as the link could be click here or visit here ; in both of these example, the link goto my website but the WORDS you see are “click here” and “visit here” these are the anchor text. One way that SEO’s used to be able to manipulate Google was by using the keywords you wanted to rank for as the anchor text; but in recent times, doing this too much has led to the Penguin biting your rankings away…

Link Velocity simply refers to the speed at which you get backlinks from other sites. A backlink is when one website has a link that points to another website, this is sort of like a “vote”. If you put a link to my website from your website, Google sees this as you vouching for my site. When SEO’s use mass spamming tools or other shady techniques they can build hundreds or thousands of these links in a very short time…this USED to work…but not anymore. A website that buys or builds fake backlinks violates Google’s terms of service and if they are found they can be penalized or removed altogether from Google search.

Link relevancy has to do with getting backlinks that are relevant to your site; if you are a car repair shop in Dallas, getting a backlink from a business in Russia that sells Viagra, is not terribly relevant…too many of these can get you in trouble.

Bad neighborhoods are simply getting backlinks from link farms, blog networks, etc…these are very blatant and easy to spot violations of Google’s terms of service and again, will most likely get you in trouble.

If your site has not been buying links or otherwise participating in any other link “schemes” then you most likely have nothing to worry about from Penguin, if however, you have been doing some questionable things, or if you have hired an SEO company and don’t know what they have done on your behalf, you may be in deep trouble.

The BEST thing to do if you are unsure is to hire a REPUTABLE SEO firm like DallasXpertSEO to analyze your backlink profile and see where you stand.

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