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Which of the following cities have the best public transportation? Lewisville, Frisco, Plano?Looking to figure out which of these cities will best suit or family for our upcoming relocation to the suburbs north of Dallas. Thanks for your help.PS. Any pros and cons about these suburbs would be great!

Posted by Frank
[display_name id=”8″]These cities participate in DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit):
Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch,
Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, Richardson,
Rowlett, University ParkHttp://

Pro for Frisco – Great businesses and recreation (Three sports franchises). Well managed city.

Pro or Con depending on your family’s opinion – Fastest growing city in the DFW Metroplex. JOBS…JOBS…JOBS…

Here is a link that you might find interesting for information on Frisco.

Frisco doesn’t participate in DART, but may in the future. The city lies at the crossroads of two major Toll roads. If you buy a Toll Tag you can get around pretty easy on these toll roads. Preston is also a major Hwy. Running North and South through Frisco.

Plano , or Frisco , or McKinney ?I got the loan and going to find my first house on next week ( Iam from CA ) . I like either W.Plano, or N.Frisco, Or W.McKinney . We looking for low crime, nice area and a good place to raise kids ( we have two boys – 4 & 12 ). We are hoping for a house around 250-300k . My husband will work for car dealer and long way drive is not too bother him . If anyone think is where my best fit then please dont be mind to give me an note . Thanks .

Posted by datlinh
[display_name id=”8″]All three of these cities are great. Plano and McKinney ISD TEA (Texas Education Agency) ratings are almost identical, but Frisco’s TEA rating is a bit higher.McKinney and Plano are more diverse than Frisco, and all three cities have low crime.

McKinney and Plano schools are more established than Frisco. The Frisco ISD has only just recently started to grow. They are rated better than McKinney and Plano academically, but as far as the number of programs offered, they have yet to catch up with McKinney, Allen, and Plano.

Here are some links to help you research the cities you’re interested in.





Is anyone here from Frisco City, Alabama?Or does anyone know any person there?

Posted by nyl16
[display_name id=”8″]If you just want to chat, go elsewhere. If you want to ask a genealogy question, find out what county Frisco City is in and post your question on the GenForum or Ancestry board for that county.Http://www/
has some tips and links.

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